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What to do! What to do! [Jun. 22nd, 2006|02:31 pm]
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Well since no one higher than me in the cabinet is ever going to get a live journal, I guess I will have to do.
The next meeting is at Kacey Rae Ostrander's house around 3 PM on Saturday. I for one will not be going. I do have my reasons, though.
1)For one Kacey isn't even a frickin member yet. She never even asked for X. So I don't think that she should be able to have the meeting at her house in the first place.
2) Secondly, When she said that she was going to have the meeting at her house she said that she would "control" the meeting. I do not even think so! You can never override the cabinet so if we have something to say and you don't like it submit a note or ask us later in a resective voice or frick off.
3)I hate disrepectful people. I hate how she always has to have her way. I don't like her.
I think this is more of a personal attack than a complaint but it is something I had to get out. I am not really all that profeccional, I know this, but I will speak my mind.
I am replacing Kacey's meeting with a more validated meeting of my own at the mall around four-6/7 in Joe's muggs(BYOM). The meeting won't be long...in fact i think I could say that it will last less than ten to fifteen minutes. I will just go over A-Kon and cosplay along will the all-nighted...I also hope to re-evaluate the rules since some of them have been overlooked or ignored by our president. I will do a print out or something.

Once again I am not tring to be an ass but these are the rules that we agreed on when we started this thing. I would hope that we could maintain some order...if not I propose a dissolving of this club and a complete system restore and revolvion. I just wish to set a line just one line for a foundation and then work from there for I think that we didn't well astablish a foundation and if we are not careful it will all come down around us.

This is your VP signing off,
VP Dom
Daniru Aren Dai

[User Picture]From: shinji_ru
2006-06-22 08:14 pm (UTC)

Domohida's reply

I think you are a little inconsiderate but you speak you mind which is more than I can say for some people.
I don't dislike you but I think that you could be leniant to others...It isn't like you had a printed set of rules. You are so unprepaired.
I am dissapointed in you.
Always in your head,
Domohida Domichi
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