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Nazi Nani Otaku! A club remade! [Jun. 27th, 2006|12:41 am]
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I have offically declared a new club name for my club and it shall now be called Nazi Nani Otaku(NNO). I call anyone who wants to be apart of my new club to respond to this post.
Stuff about the club...

The entrance is simple watch a non-mainstream anime(X, Lain, stuff not shown on T.V.) and/or read a yaoi book (Yellow, La Esperanca, Only the Ring Finger Knows, stuff such as these).
As in the Otaku Cirle, there will be meetings every so often but the difference is that there will be some sort of activity planned at each meeting but you won't know till you get there so try to come to every meeting. The meetings will mostly be about the activity adn announcements here and there about the club and other outside activities such as A-Kon and cosplay and fanfics and fanart competitions.
I am a fair person so I will not be like a dictator or anything. All I really ask is some time to discuss club things and then we can get on to the fun. All big things that change anything about the club will be taken by a popular vote taken from the members.
Mostly the rules are simple:
1)The requirements of membership are you have to watch a non-mainstream anime and/or read a yaoi book.
2)You must be open minded and thoughtful. I want you to speak your mind yet be mindful of other people's opinions.(And try not to interrupt it is really rude and there will always be time for questions after someone is done talking)
3)As founder, I will have final say in any changes to the club(if they are radical changes) but most of the time I will leave it to the members to ultimatly decide. Just run the suggestions by me first and I will do my best to help you.
4)You Must be a member to host a meeting.
5)Knowledge is power but wisdom is godly...try using the latter before the first.
I hope to here from you all very soon. And never and I mean never be afraid to ask a question no matter what it is.
Till I write again,
Your Otaku forever and always,
Daniru Aren Dai